Slate PC Series 7 Now International, Samsung Planning Series 8

Samsung Slate PC Series 7

With its Korean release this week, the Samsung Electronics’ Slate PC Series 7 tablet is available nearly worldwide – and the company is already making plans for the Series 8 in a U.S. launch next year.

The Slate PC Series 7 combines features of a tablet and traditional laptop and runs on the Windows 7 OS. This tablet has a highly responsive 11.6” screen, is powered by the Intel 1.6 GHz Core i5 microprocessor, and sports 4 GB of RAM. The tablet’s respectable weight (1.9 lb/0.86 kg) and surprising thinness (12.9mm/just over 0.1”) are quite notable. And users will certainly love the less-than-15 second boot time and two-second boot from sleep mode. Finally, the Slate may be accessorized with a dock which includes a full keyboard.

Later, Samsung plans to offer an upgrade allowing Series 7 users to install Windows 8 on the tablet.

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