Will Amazon Kindle Tablet Set the World on Fire?

Amazon Kindle Fire tablet release

To enter into direct competition with the Apple iPad and the brand-new Barnes & Noble Nook tablets, Amazon is set to release the Kindle, immediately inviting direct comparisons.

Where the Amazon Kindle Fire most succeeds is in the size. The Fire weighs just 0.91 pounds, making it a featherweight in the 7” class. Though the operating system is just Android 2.3, programmers have heavily reduced the dependence on hardware and processing speed does not suffer unjustly.

In terms of storage space, the Kindle Fire is a bit limited at 8 GB and no USB port provided. The 1024x600 resolution, 169 ppi touchscreen is actually a bit ho-hum, with finer details sometimes unclear in images, though video playback seems to be fine.

Most importantly for the company, though, is this tablet’s bundling with the Amazon store. The device comes preloaded with the purchaser’s Amazon account information and you’re ready to shop. Which is much of the point of the Kindle Fire, in the end.

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