Can Android Tablets Surpass the iPad in the Corporate Office?

Corporate & Enterprise tablets

While Apple dominates the consumer-class tablet marketplace, the business office is seeing a rise in Android-based tablets. Security, enhanced durability and IT management are at the top of the list of reasons why Android is a preferable OS to Apple. Motorola ET1 and Panasonic Toughpad models are some of the new tablets that are designed to fit better in the office or retail store. They are more rugged and durable than the iPad , which raises initial cost but lowers it in the long-term.

While Android-based tablets are on the rise, the iPad still represents over 95% of tablet use for corporate clients. Companies using Apple can now bypass the iTunes store to create and distribute their own apps for their employees. However, this is not always easily compatible with a Windows-based IT infrastructure.

For more information on some of the new tablets designed for the business sector, see the original article in the Financial Times.
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