The New iPad Goes Nuts in The Crazy Cradle

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The Crazy Cradle is a unique tablet stand case compatible with a wide range of tablets starting from all generations of Apple iPad to Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle Fire. The new iPad case offers a true hands free experience: simply put the tablet in the case, adjust the angle and enjoy your tablet.

The new Apple iPad 2 case comes with four soft arms and four soft legs, which can be adjusted whichever way you desire to achieve the best possible viewing angle: landscape or horizontal. Each arm of the case is lined with vinyl to prevent slipping of smooth surfaces.

The new Apple iPad case features a center grip, which offers durability and stability, the tighter you screw the wrap the strong the new Amazon Kindle Fire case will hold the device. The best thing about the new case is the fact that you can use your own creativity to come up with new viewing positions.

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