Sherpa Carry Inscribes its Name into the New iPad Case

  • Sherpa Carry Sherpa Scribe
  • Sherpa Carry Sherpa Scribe screenshot

Sherpa Carry introduced the Sherpa Scribe – a high quality tablet keyboard case for the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad with an interesting approach to design. The case comes with a thin shoulder strap turning the Scribe into a highly stylish accessory suitable for both men and women.

Naturally, the best feature of the Apple iPad 2 is its keyboard, which is made from silicone ensuring great durability and high impact resistance. The tablet itself is kept inside a special pouch without a chance to slip out. The case can be closed up via a small tab with two snap-in buttons on each side built into it.

All buttons and ports of the device are open to unrestricted access with the new iPad case attached to the device. The case can function as a tablet stand with several convenient angles turning the case not only into a workstation, but a comfy multimedia center too.

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