BobjGear Nexus 7 Rugged Case is a Tough Nut to Crack

  • BobjGear Nexus 7 Rugged Case
  • BobjGear Nexus 7 Rugged Case screenshot

Nexus 7 Rugged Case from BobjGear is a simple, yet tough back protector designed to accommodate the Google Nexus 7. Crafted out of closed cell formula silicon , the case offers durable protection to the back and sides of the tablet. The slightly raised bezel of the case protects the screen in case of a flat-on drop.

The special silicon used on the case is compliant with FDA requirements meaning it contains no harmful chemicals. The Google Nexus 7 case is easy to clean with soap and water. All ports and buttons of the device are open to free access, while the on/off and volume buttons are covered and recessed to reduce the risk of turning the tablet on accidentally.

The microphone opening on the case is aimed at the user, enhancing sound quality. The case is available in five vibrant colors allowing everyone to select the one that best suits their style.

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