Ars Technica Teaches Tablet Owners How to Make Their Own Custom Cases

  • Art Technica DIY Tablet Case Guide
  • Art Technica DIY Tablet Case Guide screenshot
  • DIY Tablet Case Guide from Art Technica
  • DIY Tablet Case Guide from Art Technica review
  • DIY Tablet Case Guide from Art Technica screenshot

Ars Technica puts forward a simple guide on how to make a DIY custom tablet case using just an ordinary sewing machine. Basically, the guide is a step-by-step manual allowing tablet users to create a unique case for whatever device they own ranging from the Apple new iPad to Google Nexus 7.

The only things needed are fabric for exterior sleeve , fabric for interior lining, thread, and optional Velcro or button closure. Naturally, users need to measure their devices first, to avoid miscalculations. The choice of both fabrics is totally in the user’s hands, but it’s advisable to select a sturdy one for the exterior and a soft one for the interior lining.

Ars Technica then goes on to describe all the stages of sewing and cutting, reminding users to leave a bit of wiggle room at the edges in order not to make the case too tight. Tablet owners are invited to read the full guide here. The manual is quite simple to understand and allows anyone to create a truly unique case for their beloved piece of technology.

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