T2C Casebook Interview Featuring Olga from Toy Dolls

T2C Casebook feat. Michael Olga Algar from Toy Dolls

The Toy Dolls are a still existing and touring veteran English punk rock band formed in 1979. Departing from the angry lyrics and music often associated with punk rock, The Toy Dolls worked within the aesthetics of punk to express a sense of fun and happiness. Olga, the only remaining original member of the band, is also well-known for his outstanding skills as a guitarist.

You are famous for your guitar skills, how did you learn to play, who were your teachers?

Olga: My older brother showed me a few chords when I first started, then I bought a little “teach yourself guitar” book and learnt from there. No internet at that time! I remember it took me 6 months to be able to play F Major!

Do you still learn new tricks?

O: As much as possible yeah, I love it! There’s always new tricks to learn!

Did it ever happen to you to give guitar lessons yourself?

O: Yes I did give private guitar lessons for a few years, hard work but enjoyable! Around 1988-1990, but I never told any of the pupils I was in a band though!

What kind of guitars and equipment do you own?

O: Only Fender Telecasters, oh and a Les Paul, 2 Marshall amplifiers, JCM 800s and 4 by 12 cabinet, and a Music Man bass guitar.

Which is your favourite one?

O: The yellow one will always be closest to my heart! Though I think now that the spinning black one is sounding better, both hell to play though!

Are you into experimenting with new technologies?

O: Not really! I am kinda old school! I write on a cassette recorder!

What iPod or tablet do you have?

O: Neither! I like silence! Peace! Ahh!

Do they have a case? If yes, then what brand?

O: I guess I would like nice expensive cases if I had them!

You could be the face of Dr Marten's shoes. How did you get so attached to this trademark?

O: Not sure! I just found them hardwearing and good for stage jumps! From the early 80s.

Did they ever contact you to sign some kind of a contract?

O: Ha! Not yet! Maybe in the future eh!

In an earlier interview, you said that we can hear Toy Dolls melodies in some ads, what kind of advertisements are these?

O: Various ads in Japan, not sure what for, and in Russia and Europe, mineral water and Pepsi Cola, breakfast cereals, etc!

You are also famous for your sunglasses. Where do you get them? What brand are they and which one is your favourite?
O: From everywhere, markets, Toy Dolls fans, on tour etc…anywhere and everywhere!


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