The iPad Finds Use for Old Clothes During the Great ReFleece

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ReFleece takes recycling old clothes one step further. Reclaimed fleece clothing and scraps, as well as old plastic bottles become sturdy tablet and e-reader cases. Renowned for its iPad and Kindle Fire tablet sleeve , the company has already successfully proven that nothing has to go to waste.

The manufacturer now calls upon everyone to send in their unused fleece pieces of clothing and back their project on Kickstarter, in return backers, just like Tablet2Cases, will receive a unique tablet sleeve and matching accessories. The choices are: a folio tablet case , a tablet sleeve, 4square organizer, and a coaster.

For this Great ReFleece project, as the company calls it, they will turn the fleece pieces inside out for the bright colored material to shine on the outside. Naturally, backers don’t have to send their own fleece items in, they will still receive a tablet case or an accessory made from reclaimed material.

Pledges of $28 and more will secure you the tablet folio.
Pledges of $35 or more will get you the tablet sleeve.

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