Free Cases Daily Week #33 – AddyCase, Bluelounge, Pelican, Hello Kitty, more

Week #33 of the Tablet2Cases year-long Free Cases Daily promotion is live. It’s another week worth of free tablet cases – one per day – to be given away to those who register!

Once again, Tablet2Cases brings you the widest possible variety of case styles among this week’s Free Cases Daily selection: Among the items available for the winning are kids cases, rugged cases, functional folios, Smart Covers and even a 100% eco-friendly model – not to mention appearance by those Angry Birds and Hello Kitty.

Scroll down for our exclusive selection of Free Cases Daily for this week. Following descriptions of the seven free prizes are the super-easy rules for entry. Win yourself a best case scenario for your tablet this week from Tablet2Cases!

1. Bluelounge Bonobo Eco-Friendly Apple iPad / 9” Tablet Sleeve in Rust

Price: $49.95
Rating: 4.5

Those looking for a tablet case most serious about eco-friendly matters don’t need to search any longer: The Bluelounge Bonobo tablet sleeve is crafted from 100% PET recycled plastic bottles for a seriously lightweight bag that offers all the scratch- and water-resistance of any other material. Why bother with synthetics when a great environmentally-friendly bag like this exists?

Bluelounge Bonobo

2. Pelican 1055CC HardBack Apple iPad Mini / 7” Tablet Rugged Case

Price: $69.95
Rating: 4.1

Many tablet cases claimed to be “rugged,” but the Pelican 1055CC HardBack has a stamp of approval from the US military to back it up. The 1055CC HardBack can protect the iPad Mini or Mini-sized tablet though submersion in water of up to one meter for 30 minutes, plus the locks are guaranteed to stay shut even after extreme drops or impacts. All in all, it’s a lot of polycarbonate-based defense.

Pelican 1055CC HardBack

3. Cooper Posta Apple iPad 2/3/4 Folio Case Bon Voyage

Price: $24.95
Rating: 3.9

The Cooper Posta Bon Voyage appears at first to be a simplistic folio tablet case (nice exterior design aside), but actually offers a goodly amount of protection at a very reasonable price. The hard plastic interior frame provides an excellent fit for iPads 2, 3 and 4, while the strong magnet locks are also quite noteworthy – again, especially at this cost.

Cooper Posta

4. Cooper Whiz Apple iPad 2/3/4 Smart Cover in Blue

Price: $24.95
Rating: 3.9

The Smart Cover has essentially become a required accessory for so many iPad owners, and Cooper brings its usual plusses with its own Smart Cover. The Cooper Whiz is a near twin of Apple’s own product and iPad users can be assured that the magnets which are the basis for the Smart Cover are perfectly strong enough. And of course, that price tag is distinctly un-Apple…

Cooper Whiz

5. AddyCase Apple iPad 2/3/4 Kids Play Case

Price: $49
Rating: 4.4

The AddyCase iPad kids play tablet case will certainly appeal to young users, thanks to its big, easy-to-carry handle and friendly cheerful design. And like all proper kids tablet case , the AddyCase is tough enough to withstand drops, while the non-toxic silicon material is highly resistant to potential liquid damage and such other toddler-type problems.

AddyCase Kids Play Case

6. Hello Kitty Themed iPad/10”-11” Hard Tablet Bag with Handles in Red

Price: $20.95
Rating: 3.4

Here’s another must-have for Hello Kitty fandom. This hard tablet bag features easy-carry handles and a nicely roomy pocket for accessories to go with the 10” or 11” tablet. Surely Hello Kitty lovers need no prompting, but Tablet2Cases should mention that several sleeves and folio cases also emblazoned with the cartoon cat go great with this tablet bag…

Hello Kitty Themed Hard Tablet Bag

7. Angry Birds Themed Apple iPad 2 / 3 / 4 Folio Case with Pig in Cage

Price: $24.95
Rating: 3.6

You finally got ‘im, eh? You’ve conquered so many pigs and freed so many birdies from their cages after thousands of turns at Angry Birds that you want to celebrate – well, here’s the iPad folio case for you! The encaged pig on the folio’s design represents the ultimate triumph in the war, which your iPad will solider through thanks to a hard plastic frame and resistant exterior. Soldier on, cute little birdies!

Angry Birds Themed Folio Case

Competition Information

Duration: May 20 06:00AM EST – May 27 05:59AM EST
For visitors in Europe, its May 20 12:00PM CET – May 27 11:59AM CET

Registration is FREE

Prize Selection: Choose your favorite case from among the 7 displayed prizes.

How to Win: Select your case & get automatic entry into the draw. Increase your number of entries by completing extra tasks.

Winner: The winner is picked at random. There are 7 winners each week. Winners will be notified by email within 48 hours. Prizes will be shipped by post to the provided address.

And that’s all there is to it. Good luck from Tablet2Cases to all participants in our Free Cases Daily promotion – may you win your best case scenario this week!
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