Exo Labs Brings the iPad 4 Into Focus With the Microscope Camera

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iPad is not only about movies and games, it’s also an extremely powerful educational tool. And with the Focus Microscope Camera from Exo Labs it can also become a fully-functional scientific research device. The new case connects the device to various microscopes allowing users to enjoy the picture on the beautiful tablet screen.

The case is compatible with all Apple tablets (needs an adapter for the lightning connector). The project has crossed the half-way mark of collecting funds at Kickstarter, and Tablet2Cases has already pledged funds to help the designer out. With over two weeks to go, we are confident the funding goal for the Exo Labs Focus Microscope Camera will be achieved.

The Apple iPad 4 case comes with a free dedicated app, which enables lots of cool features. These include shooting photos and videos and sharing them over email, making labels and annotations with markers on the images, measuring point-to-point with fingertips, pinch and zoom, project the image wirelessly onto a projector or a screen via Apple AirPlay feature.

The case will retail for $599, but backers will get it at a discounted price.

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