Set Up Your Own iPad Recording Studio With the NewerTech GripStand

  • NewerTech GripStand
  • NewerTech GripStand screenshot
  • GripStand from NewerTech

Musicians have moved on a whole new level once tablet PCs became a part of our everyday lives: loads of specific apps and accessories make their creative process much easier. But how about a nice tablet stand to assist with studio recording? NewerTech creates the answer with their GripStand, compatible with any Apple tablet model.

The Apple iPad 4 case grips the device from all sides and offers full 360 degree rotation, tilting, and swiveling to achieve any desired angle. Moreover, the Apple iPad 2 case can extend from 38 inches high to nearly five feet, making it a perfect accessory not only for the music industry, but for classroom and business presentations, as well as simply reading books or watching movies on a couch.

The Apple iPad 3 case comes with a highly durable back protector, which can be attached or removed from the stand in a matter of seconds allowing safe mobile use. The NewerTech GripStand features a ribbed twist lock, which ensures there’s no extension shaft slippage. The tablet back protector included in the Apple iPad case package is also compatible with other accessories further extending its functionality.

The price for this case is $59.95.

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