Krusell Answers Universal Tablet Protection Needs With Alvik Folio

  • Krusell Alvik Universal Case
  • Krusell Alvik Universal Case screenshot
  • Alvik Universal Case from Krusell

How do you combine contemporary design trends with everyday protection and functionality? Krusell knows the answer – Alvik Universal Case. The new folio tablet case is available in two sizes: large – for 9-10 inch tablets, and small – for 7-8 inch devices.

The Apple iPad 4 case comes with 4 elastic corner straps, which secure the device inside the case preventing accidental slip outs. At the same time all of the tablet’s ports and buttons are open to unrestricted access, while its protected inside the new Krusell tablet case.

The interior side of the Apple iPad 3 case cover features built-in grooves, which help secure the device at a number of comfortable viewing angels, ensuring the tablet is stable when the Apple iPad 2 case is reclined in the stand mode. The Krusell Alvik Universal Case is a perfect solution for tablet owners looking for a hassle-free, stylish solution for their tablet protection needs.

The price for small case is $33.
The large case costs $39.

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