Mobile Charging With TYLT Energi Backpack From Kannyn MacRae

  • Kannyn MacRae TYLT Energi Backpack
  • Kannyn MacRae TYLT Energi Backpack review
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  • TYLT Energi Backpack from Kannyn MacRae

Charging a mobile gadget is not hard these days: a USB port, a power outlet, a solar battery, and even a hand-powered dynamo, there are lots of ways. But what about charging your device while on the go? Kannyn MacRae has an answer for that with their TYLT Energi Backpack – a multi-functional tablet backpack .

The project has already reached its funding goal on Kickstarter and will soon enter the production phase. The backpack is, naturally, compatible with all Apple tablet models and any other device that can be charged via USB cable. The Apple iPad 4 case can charge up to three different devices simultaneously.

The Apple iPad 3 case comes with 7 different pockets including a special tablet pouch, each with Easy Routing, which brings the charging cable directly to each pocket. On top of dedicated pockets, the Kannyn MacRaeTYLT Energi Backpack can fit a bunch of other useful stuff and comes with all backpack bells and whistles including shoulder straps , handle, zipper locks , as well as touch exterior and multi-layer interior.

Pledges of $99 will guarantee you the case.

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