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Need a keyboard that’s always with you, but don’t want a heavy and bulky case? Then the latest creation from myType is just for you. The myType Pocketable Keyboard – is a foldable keyboard tablet case compatible with a wide range of tablets and smartphones with Bluetooth technology. The designer is looking for funding through Kickstarter and Tablet2Cases has already pledged funds.

The iPad 4 case provides full functionality of a desktop keyboard, but can fit in a pocket when folded. Naturally, it weighs virtually nothing and the compact design allows users to take it everywhere they go. The keys of the iPad 3 case are spaced for touch typing delivering the same functionality and experience as full-sized keyboards.

The rechargeable battery provides enough juice for the myType Pocketable Keyboard to operate for weeks, and can be quickly recharged via micro USB when needed. The iPad 2 case is highly durable: it can be dropped with minimal chances of getting damaged and it perfectly splash-resistant. Another important feature is the virtually silent typing, which is perfect for meetings of classrooms.

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