Footmarker Transforms the iPad into an iMac With the new Stand Case

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Want to turn your iPad into an iMac? Support the SLiM from Footmarker – a unique tablet stand case available in two sizes: iPad Mini and “big” iPad family. The design of the case follows the iMac monitor’s curves, making the similarity almost identical. The base is crafted from sanded-anodized aluminum.

The iPad 3 case comes with two strong nano suction pads: one is used to attach the device to the case, and the other to ensure a safe and secure anchor on the tablet or desk. The stand functionality of the iPad 4 case is perfect: it offers an ideal viewing angle, while remaining totally stable with no shaking or wobbling.

Naturally, the Footmarker SLiM keeps all ports and buttons of the device within free reach, and a special hole in the stand provides a convenient solution to the cable storing problems. The designer is currently seeking to fund the project through Kickstarter. Tablet2Cases felt like this is a great product and has already backed the start up.

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