Disney Puts Mickey Mouse Portrait on the iPad 4 Shell

  • Disney Mickey Mouse Portrait
  • Disney Mickey Mouse Portrait review

Printing popular cartoon and movie characters on tablet accessories is not a new idea, but some do it well, some not so much. Disney decided to jump on the bandwagon and introduced Mickey Mouse Portrait – a simple tablet shell designed to fit the iPad 3 and iPad. The result was quite good: the case is both functional and great to look at and hold.

The durable plastic exterior of the iPad 4 case provides enough protection for the tablet’s back and side, while keeping the access to its buttons and ports open. Thanks to a slightly raised bezel, the case also shields the device’s screen from damage when it’s placed face down.

The Disney Mickey Mouse Portrait installs extremely easily: the tablet simply snaps into the case without any possibility to wobble. The iPad 4 case also provides an enhanced grip preventing users from accidentally dropping the tablet. Fully compatible with the Apple Smart Cover.

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