Maintain Eye Contact During iPad 4 Video Calls With the eTeleporter

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Don’t you just hate it when you can’t see eye to eye with the person you Skyping or FaceTiming with? PromptVideo Corp. has come up with a neat solution, and is currently seeking funding for it through Kickstarter. The eTeleporter – is a tablet stand designed specifically for video calling. Compatible with the iPad 2 and later generations.

The main mission of the iPad 4 case is to eliminate the lack of eye contact or gaze distraction during video chatting. The genius optical lens system built into the case allows users to maintain eye contact and stability while they are video calling. The iPad 3 case also solves a bunch of other problems including the lack of hands-free experience in many tablet cases.

The sturdy construction ensures the tablet’s safety inside the iPad 2 case, and allows perfect stability at any of the chosen viewing angles. PromptVideo Corp. eTeleporter creates a funnel to extend microphone range and redirect sounds coming from the speaker towards the user. Another benefit of the case is the minimization of excess glare, which is an annoying problem during video calls. As a bonus, the case comes with proprietary video software, potentially turning the tablet into a mobile professional video studio.

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