Kids Enjoy the safest grip on an iPad mini With the Kensignton case

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  • SafeGrip from Kensington

Protecting a tablet device from the “little devils” could be tricky: simple durability may not be enough, plus the play tablet case needs to be lightweight in order for kids to enjoy it. Kensington has come up with just the thing – SafeGrip – a kids tablet case designed to accommodate and safeguard the iPad Mini.

The rugged, padded construction of the iPad Mini case protects the device from impacts, drops, drags, and whatever else children may subject it to. The Kensington tablet case also comes with a neat handle designed specifically for little hands ensuring they get a nice and firm grip on the case.

The handle also doubles up as a convenient integrated stand offering several viewing angles. The tablet’s screen also received a complete protection from scratches and smudges inside the Kensington SafeGrip. The case features a stylus holder and personalization tag for increased convenience.

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