Filson Treats the iPads to Authentic Scottish Tweed Bag

  • Filson Tweed iPad Case
  • Filson Tweed iPad Case review
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Tablet bags are popular either for the space they offer besides fitting the tablet or for the convenience of carrying them around. The Tweed iPad Case from Filson combines both aspects and also delivers great protection from impacts and elements. The case is compatible with any Apple tablet and other similarly sized devices.

The iPad 4 case is crafted from high-quality cotton fabric and features genuine Scottish wool trims, which not only reinforce its strength, but also provide great contrasting looks. The iPad 3 case also features a layer of high-density foam padding ensuring the tablet is well protected inside the Filson Tweed iPad Case.

The iPad 2 case comes with two bridle-leather handles, which add a touch of sophistication to the case’s design and offer a highly convenient way to stroll around with the bag. There are lots of internal and external pockets on the iPad case, and it can be securely closed up with a high-quality zipper lock.

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