Congress Employees Enjoy Tablet Shells in House of Cards S01E02

House of Cards iPad case

Tablet2Cases continues to spot tablets and accessories in current movies and TV shows. The latest sighting came in the House of Cards S01E02, where Francis Underwood’s assistant, Nancy, is holding an iPad in what appears to be a slim tablet shell.

Although it was only shown for a split second, we’ve managed to catch Nancy coming out of the office. She gives our Congressman a bit of information on his day holding an iPad protected by a thin tablet shell. Even though this case is perfect for business, what do you think will happen to Congress if they used Angry Bird shells? Besides the ultra-slim profile Nancy’s case probably offers the following features:

  • Decent back protection without blocking access to ports and buttons

  • Slim body means comfy mobility

  • Rubbery material providing excellent grip

    House of Cards premiered in the beginning of this year on Netflix. The series is a clever take on the popular ‘90s British show, but set amidst modern US politicians. Kevin Spacey is the lead, portraying Congressman Francis Underwood, who’s been let down by the newly elected administration. The series captivates attention from the very first episode and goes on to reveal the works of US politics from inside in a witty way. And yes, Spacey is great and definitely worth watching.

    House of Cards iPad case review The body of the case provides protection while retaining the iPad's slim formHouse of Cards iPad case screenshot While all sides of the device are protected, its ports including the charging one are openHouse of Cards case The rubbery finish of the shell provides a safe and secure grip
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