Quell&Co. Solves the Cable Tangling Problem for the iPad Mini

  • Quell&Co. Spool Dock
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Quell&Co. comes up with a neat trick for iPhones and iPad Minis: the Spool Dock. The brand new tablet dock acts as a highly convenient stand and hides the cable underneath, preventing tangling. The case accommodates iPhones 5 and up, iPod Touch 5G, and the iPad Mini. The 17 degree viewing angle the dock is offering has been selected based on extensive research. The dock fits devices with or without the third-party cases attached to them.

The iPad Mini case sports minimalist design and fits a variety of environments from home to the office
The integrated stand function of the Quell&Co. Spool Dock offers a convenient way to enjoy the device
Simple yet genius solution to cable tangling problems
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