Kevin Has Found a Special Place to Use His iPad in The League S05E12

The League tablet stand

The Curb Your Enthusiasm team continues to improvise on the popular show The League. Our team has spotted a rather controversial tablet case used by Kevin (played by Stephen Rannazzisi) in S05E12. The tablet stand case in question was designed specifically for bathroom use.

The guys are having a conference call and Kevin is going about his bathroom business, while his iPad rests on what looks to be the Pedestal Stand from CTA Digital. This particular case has raised a lot of controversy, perhaps taking the use of iPads a step too far. All-in-all the case is pretty functional: it securely holds the tablet in place and comes with a bendable gooseneck tube offering a multitude of angles. The stand also features a toilet paper roll holder. Kevin’s tablet case provides the following functions:

  • Secures the tablet from three sides eliminating the risk of slipping out

  • Comes with a heavy base to ensure perfect stability

  • Sports a toilet paper roll holder for extra convenience

  • Shiny chrome design makes it a perfect fit for any bathroom

    The League is a TV show depicting everyday lives of a group of men enjoying fantasy football. The series has piloted on FX in 2009 and is now at the end of its fifth season. The Curb Your Enthusiasm team provides extra entertainment by coming up with on-the-spot improvisations on top of the witty and clever script.

    The League tablet stand review Kevin can enjoy his iPad fully even when going to the bathroomThe League tablet stand screenshot The adjustable gooseneck and a roll holder make the tablet stand a very handy accessory indeed
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