Angry Alex Dreams of a VR Headset to Fight Naughty Case Makers

Angry Alex Week 17

Forget Ukraine and Russia, the real battle is among tablet case makers and they are fighting for hard-earned cash of tablet owners. However, it seems that some of them lack a little bit in approach to design vs functionality. Let’s take a closer look at what I’ve seen this week.

While the TC930 from Anker may have an appropriate name for a keyboard tablet case, you hear numbers you think keys, it struggles considerably when it comes to looks. The case is a 2-in-one solution, attach it to the tablet and you’ve got a protective cover, and when you need a keyboard – it’s right there along with an integrated stand. But surely they could’ve come up with a better design, a couple of waves or a nice image perhaps?

Anker TC930Functional 2-in-one keyboard case also acting as a cover, but sporting a very dull design

Zoogue have launched the iPad Air version of their popular Prodigy tablet folio case. The functionality is here: there’s a stand with many stable angles, the auto sleep/wake option, and the general durable design. But once again they’ve launched it in boring black, with no other options available.

Zoogue Prodigy Durable and multi-functional folio tablet case, but unfortunately with only one color option

The Bamboo iPad Back from Grove is in a world of its own. Yes, it’s only a tablet skin, nothing else. I know it’s natural bamboo, and some special oils to make it look nice and shiny, but $40 for a skin? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Throw in a screen protector and a stylus, and maybe then we can talk…

Grove Bamboo iPad Back A nice-looking tablet skin made of natural bamboo, but sporting a pretty high price tag

Was there a case this week that I actually liked? As a matter of fact there was! The iPad Mini version of the FlipStand from Felix is an excellent tablet stand. It’s really up to the tablet owner if they want to use it or not: it’s got that 2-in-1 appeal serving as a durable cover as one, and propping up the device at various viewing angles when needed. And what’s best – your beautiful iPad Mini is still naked when you need it to be.

Felix FlipStand mini Is it a stand or is it a cover? You decide, this case can be both

Now let’s look at what is generating the buzz among the techies. While Galaxy S5 is old news, there are still lots of rumors about the HTC One 2 and the iPhone 6, but those are becoming boring already. It has been suggested that Sony is seriously considering to launch its very own virtual reality headset for the Play Station 4. Rumor has it, Sony has been busy with it for over 2 years and will show the prototype as early as March 17 when the Game Developers Conference kicks off.

Sony Virtual Reality headset Sony is rumored to be preparing the launch of their own take on the Virtual Reality headset
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