Angry Alex Slams Copycat Tablet Case Makers

Angry Alex Week 21

It seems that tablet accessories manufacturers are not learning from each other’s mistakes. The cases I see lately keep on copying the designs, functionality and looks. This is not a bad thing, provided you are replicating something great, but when it’s an unimpressive case, which gets copied it really angers me. Take a walk with me as I reveal who committed the most sins this week.

Twelve South have a couple of good cases, but their latest SurfacePad is nothing more than a very basic folio. Sure, there’s an integrated stand and auto on/off function, but that’s a given these days. The protection is very basic, if you drop it – say goodbye to your iPad Mini. Also the choice of colors is limited to 3, is there not enough colors in the world? There are hundreds of similar cases out there, many of them are offered at much more affordable prices.

Twelve South SurfacePad Basic folio tablet case with primitive functionality and ordinary looks

And now look at Nat Boyd’s Leather I-Pad Case. First of all, learn to spell “iPad”, and then go ahead and make cases. Yes, it’s made from super-soft leather, looks and feel ultra-expensive, which it is actually. Apart from a zippered pocket on the back, there’s nothing special about this envelope case. Unless you own clothing items from this designer, I don’t see a reason for opting to buy this case.

Nat Boyd Leather I-Pad Case Natural leather exterior, zippered pocket, but nothing else to explain the high price

Jimmy Choo Hyde wasn’t so bad if it wasn’t for its price. Cool, minimalist design complemented by a camo interior will certainly appeal to men. Function wise the folio is not bad, but not great either. All-round zipper lock and a slip pocket on the inside, this is it. It will take forever to unzip the case when the tablet is actually needed. And well, there’s the price…

Jimmy Choo Hyde Ultra-expensive folio case with nothing to back the pricing approach

Calypso Crystal managed to capture my attention with their CalypsoTab this week. This is a great example of how to make excellent tablet sleeves. Thick leather and additional padding layer take care of the bumps and bruises. And the seemingly minimalist design received a touch of sophistication with a thin contrasting line down the middle and at the top edges. Well done!

Calypso Crystal CalypsoTab Nice-looking sleeve with decent impact and bump protection

Samsung got in a pickle this week. The Korean technology giant was scolded by the White House, not less. The whole situation came after David Ortiz, the Red Sox slugger, took a selfie with his phone during a visit to the White House and later tweeted it. Samsung jumped on the opportunity and advertised the photo as their own publicity stunt for Galaxy Note III. White House press secretary commented: “As a rule, the White House objects to attempts to use the president’s likeness for commercial purposes. And we certainly object in this case.” No legal action is yet revealed, but naughty, naughty Samsung!

Obama selfie Samsung uses a selfie with the President to promote their Galaxy Note III phablet
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