Angry Alex Made a Bit Less Mad By New Logitech Tablet Cases This Week

Angry Alex week 24

Another week older, but none the wiser, and I’m talking about tablet case makers, not myself and my faithful readers. This week can have a theme “how to take something simple and make it way too complicated”. Let’s take a closer look at the biggest disappointments in the world of tablet device accessories.

Tavik presented Hemings – a seemingly simple portfolio tablet case designed for the iPad Air. The thing I don’t really get is the necessity of an all-round zipper. The tablet is protected by an additional shell, and the material is durable enough to keep it safe anyway. On the positive side, headphones can be pulled through a special hole and used with a fully zipped case.

Tavik Hemings Ordinary portfolio case with totally unnecessary all-round zipper lock

The guys at Belkin decided to treat the iPad Mini to the simplest case they could think of. Air Protect is what came out, and it’s a tablet shell, where, attention, the air is protecting the device. That’s right, the special design of the accessory with air pockets ensures extra impact protection for the iPad. Can’t say I don’t believe them, it just sounds interesting to put it nicely.

Belkin Air Protect Simple tablet shell case where supposedly are pockets serve as an extra layer of protection

Tigerhead from Kenzo is all about tiger heads. While the design is certainly striking, the connection between an iPad and a tiger is not really clear. The case does sport great protective capabilities and an additional pocket on the inside, but it seems really overpriced for the functionality it delivers. But then again, it’s a designer item and they play at a whole different level.

Kenzo Tigerhead iPad folio case with interesting design print, but not much to give in the functionality department

Logitech have really surprised me this week. Not only there have been three brand new cases launched, but they all are finally an outstanding combination of quality, function, and looks. The best one in my opinion is the Big Bang rugged tablet case for the iPad Mini. It manages to pack extra-durable protective capabilities in a very thin and light body, and delivers integrated stand and auto sleep/wake functionality. I’m ordering one.

Logitech Big Bang Protection, function, looks – everything is combined in this rugged tablet case

If you thought that Samsung Galaxy S5 was the height of Android sophistication, think again. Apparently, the Koreans are rumored to have been working on an even better flagship device. Dubbed “2K Galaxy S5 Prime” the phone will come with a 2K screen, which mean QHD (quad HD) or 2560x1440 pixels (the current S5 has 1920x1080). Other novelties are rumored to include a faster processor, better video and audio performance. It remains to be seen just how much truth there is to this rumor.

Samsung 2K Galaxy S5 Samsung is rumored to be preparing for the launch of 2K Galaxy S5 Prime smartphone
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