Dakota Bison Takes Buffalos By the Horns for iPad Mini Envelopes

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Who said leather tablet cases have to be expensive? The guys at Dakota Bison offer high-class envelope tablet cases made from real buffalo leather for much less than competition sells theirs. The case is handmade with careful attention to every little detail ensuring the best possible quality. Each and every case will be unique due to one-of-a-kind nature of the raw material. Natural leather will repel water slashes and provide decent impact protection for the tablet inside. There’s a small tab closure featuring a snap-in button lock. Compatible with the iPad Mini and the iPad Mini 2.

About Dakota Bison:
Stone’s Furniture founded 1920, the parent company of Dakota Bison, founded in 2000 has been in the manufacturing business for over 93 years and is a third generation family owned business. The company is located in what is referred to as the Black Hills near Mount Rushmore in Rapid City, SD and creates handmade customizable furniture for businesses or individuals.

Inexpensive tablet envelope case crafted from natural buffalo leather and featuring a snap-in button lock – Dakota Bison Tablet Sleeve

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