3 Inventions That Put the Cute in Tech


Who said tech had to be boring? As the world of technology continues to grow we get more useful tech inventions that are practical and affordable. This is great but wouldn’t it be nice to have tech that is not only functional but cute? Enter some of the cutest inventions in the world of tech that do everything from controlling your home to lighting your keyboard.





The Bearbot is a universal remote shaped like, you guessed it, a bear! It has the ability to control everything from a home’s AC unit to its TV. Teach the bear a hand motion to associate with each device in the home and watch as the bear turns on music, adjusts home lighting and turns the temperature up or down.

Bearbot is integrated with bluetooth, infrared, radio and ZigBee protocols, which give the device its universal remote capabilities. This unbearably cute invention is still being funded but you can donate to the cause and preorder a Bearbot here.





Devices with a USB port can go interstellar with the Spaceman USB Light from the Museum of Modern Art. Plug the light into the USB port and flip the astronaut’s helmet up and down to turn the light on or off. A long flexible cord lets users adjust the light to whatever position is most comfortable while the device powers the light.

It is a perfect accessory to light a bluetooth keyboard, or read a book while traveling. It costs $20 USD and can be purchased on the MOMA’s website.



Oppopet Animal Mouse


Add some personality to your work life, with the Oppopet Animal Mouse. This three button wireless mouse features a colorful tail, ensuring you will have the cutest tech accessory in the office. The tail comes off the mouse and turns into the USB that connects the mouse to the tablet or computer. It comes in 8 versions including a pig, dolphin, dog, fox, cat, squirrel, rabbit and chameleon. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista , XP, and Mac OS X and costs $65 USD.



These tech inventions are not only practical but adorable and are sure to make you the envy of your friend group. Buy one or all three today for yourself or as a gift and let us know which is your favorite. Have a cute tech invention you think we should know about? Leave it in the comments below.

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