Samdi Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3 Origami Folio


The Samdi folio should appeal to two groups within the legion of Apple iPad Mini users: Lovers of quality PU leather and fans of the origami-style case. Nicely soft, the genuine-leather front cover folds effortlessly into a stable tablet stand held in place by decidedly strong magnets. The backing piece of simple plastic is a bit of a comedown, but protects well while adding hardly any weight to the iPad tablet.

Editor's Rating 

Even among the crowded field of origami-style tablet cases, the Samdi folio case for the iPad Mini is a standout in several areas.

After enjoying the feel of the nicely soft cover, the stand cries out to be assembled and stays together incredibly firmly. In fact, it’s too bad Samdi couldn’t have included a third magnet affixed to or set within the back of the case. While the weight of the iPad Mini helps keep the stand stable, an extra magnet might make things even more secure.

As compared to the leather top piece, the basic back shell is not much to gush about. Sure, the plastic is thin and lightweight enough and cutouts for the iPad Mini’s ports are all in place and aligned, but that’s about it. Good to note that the actual connection between the two pieces is appropriately sturdy. But didn’t the impressive front cover deserve a little better?


  • Nice, soft pleather cover
  • Strong magnets hold stand together
  • Very light weight

            Overall: GOOD

            If you fancy an origami-style folio, but are not sold on the original Cooper Origami, then the higher-quality Samdi may be your best case scenario. This sturdy folio case seemingly promises a long and useful like for the iPad Mini user.


            • Exclusively designed to fit the Apple iPad Mini
            • Soft PU leather cover and plastic back shell
            • 8-panel Origami-style cover design
            • Automatic sleep/wake function
            • Cutouts for all iPad buttons, ports and features
            • Integrated stand for hands-free display
            • Approx. 35° to 65° angles in landscape/portrait format
            • Scratch- and water-resistant exterior
            • Net weight: 82 g / 2.9 oz


                          Tablet Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPad Mini 2, Apple iPad Mini 3
                          Style Folio
                          Brand Samdi
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Exterior Material Faux-Leather
                          Closure Magnetic
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill


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