Cooper One Universal iPad/10" Tablet Sleeve


The Cooper One neoprene envelope case for the 10” tablet is certainly attractive in its array of bright colors and the low price will certainly sell it (literally) to some users, but in the end this one is strictly a no-frills, short-term solution.

Editor's Rating 

Look, this tablet owner loves purple. So at first glance, the Cooper One soft envelope tablet case was a winner and the super-low price makes it an attention-grabber as well. You’re not going to get too much more out of this tablet case, however, and in some areas of quality it suffers quite a bit. Kudos to this case first: the nice tight fit is a definite plus and the synthetic neoprene material gives the exterior a good hand-feel at a light weight. The lining will protect the screen well enough from scratches and other minor incidents, so carrying the tablet in everyday circumstances is no problem. But the disappointments soon follow. The model I received arrived with frayed stitching – in two places – plus the exterior lining around the closing seal already showed signs of wear! While this may be a freak sample, it is clear that the exterior stitching will not hold up for a lengthy period of time. The other problem was in the exterior. Great material and gorgeously colored this envelope case may have, but that material smudges easily. Being synthetic doesn’t help in the cleaning, either.


  • Good scratch-resistant synthetic exterior
  • Attractive colors
  • Low price

            Overall: POOR

            Not very much more than a pretty face at a low price, the best-case scenario for the Cooper One envelope-style case is probably to serve as a short-term, cheapie gift – thrown in along with a proper 10” tablet, of course.


            • Good scratch-resistant synthetic exterior
            • Attractive colors
            • Low price


                          Tablet 10'' Tablet
                          Style Sleeve
                          Brand Cooper Cases
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Exterior Material Neoprene
                          Closure Flap


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