CoverBee Posh Leopard Apple iPad / 9" Tablet Sleeve

CoverBee introduces the “Posh Leopard” tablet sleeves — can you honestly think of a better aesthetic to match the iPad operating system? (Well, at least until you upgrade to the new Mountain Lion Os X) The pouch-like design with a zipper will fit any iPad, or other 10” tablet, and protect it against normal wear and tear during urban jungle safaris. Not exactly your style and/or afraid of being ostracized by the PETA community? The brand offers a variety of other unique pattern designs to choose from.

Editor's Rating 

Rrr-oww! Relax PETA members, CoverBee uses faux-fur here, so you can use it and have a clean conscience. (Conceivably even the most outspoken animal lovers own a stuffed toy animal, or two - and really, how is this design any different?) The Posh Leopard is a Smart Cover compatible sleeve that will fit any Apple iPad or iPad-sized tablet, and the single zipper closure keeps the tablet comfortably snug inside during travel. Other sizes are also available, as well as a ‘classic’ top-loading model without zipper.

The sleeve quality confirms CoverBee's commitment to create handmade cases using on the finest materials. The Posh Leopard incorporates a soft, fuzzy exterior and a golden-colored quilted lining with a silky satin look and feel. And this combination of materials serves up generous protection against standard everyday wear and tear.


  • Fits any iPad or 9" tablet
  • Smart cover compatible
  • Superb handmade quality

    Overall: OKAY

      The Posh Leopard's looks certainly won’t be a unanimous favorite, which is why CoverBee offers an assortment of designs to compliment a variety of personal tastes. CoverBee sleeves are a best case scenario for tablet users who seek a quality handmade sleeve at a price that doesn't sting too much.


          • Universal fit for any Apple iPad or like-sized tablet
          • Also a good fit for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 or Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9
          • Smart cover compatible
          • Faux-fur exterior with distinctive leopard skin pattern
          • Design feels very comfortable to hold
          • Quilted golden satin lining with a silky-smooth touch
          • Carefully hand-crafted quality
          • Zipper closure
          • Water-resistant exterior shields the tablet from splashes or light rain
          • Provides generous all-around protection against standard wear and tear


                                                  Style Sleeve
                                                  Brand CoverBee
                                                  Price Great Value $40-$79
                                                  Exterior Material  Exotic, Fabric, Fur
                                                  Features Zipper


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