How to Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to a Tablet or Smartphone

How to Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to a Tablet or Smartphone

In 2015 the time spent on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets increased by 117 percent. Much of this time was spent using fitness, news and social media apps. However, these devices are also being used more frequently to respond to emails, write reports and create presentations. While the device’s touch keyboard is great for short Instagram posts and text messages, it isn’t ideal for long emails or reports.

To get around this mobile device hurdle many people are turning to bluetooth keyboards. This accessory gives users the same keyboard functionality of a laptop but on a tablet or smartphone. However, there are a few simple steps that need to be completed in order to connect the accessory with the device. What are they? Find out below.


Steps for Connecting a Bluetooth Keyboard

  1. Make sure the device is on and charged.
  2. If using an Android, go to Settings<Bluetooth and the select “Find device nearby”. (iOS users can skip this step.)
  3. Turn on the bluetooth keyboard. If successfully switched on a light should illuminate. This light may turn off, this is normal.
  4. Search the keyboard for a “Connect” button. (Apple keyboards will not have this.) Once found press the button. The keyboard should now be “discoverable.”
  5. Go to the Bluetooth settings on the device and wait for the keyboard to show up in the list of discoverable devices.
  6. Click the keyboard’s name on the device list and wait for it to connect.
  7. You may be given a PIN number by your device. If so enter it into the keyboard now.
  8. Congratulations! Your keyboard is now paired with your device! Whenever both are powered on and within range (30 feet) they will automatically connect to each other.
  9. Open your favorite app and use the keyboard the same way you would on a laptop!


Didn’t realize how easy it was to connect a mobile device with a bluetooth keyboard? Well now you do! Thinking about getting a keyboard of your own? Check out all the great keyboards we have to offer!

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