Bespoke design to tablet cases

Tablet manufacturers are releasing new devices often. The most common brands on the market are Samsung and Apple, which is why the majority of our best-sellers are designed to fit a variety of iPad and Galaxy Tab models.

Other companies such as HP, Dell, Huawei, ASUS, Microsoft release models with limited mainstream appeal for which finding a dedicated case is more difficult. That's where we come in to offer you the option of modifying any of our cases to fit your tablet, no matter the brand - add your logo, change the color, and add any cutouts you need.



Personalize Your Case

There are several benefits you can get from getting your own custom case such as
  • Expose or cover buttons, ports or camera, or even do extra cutouts
  • Build brand recognition by displaying your logo or your company colors
  • Protect your equipment with dramatically improved protection, portability and productivity
  • Add accessories - shoulder straps, kickstands, screen protectors and more.
  • Tablet2Cases offers a variety of universal cases like the Cooper Trooper 2K, Cooper Magic Carry II Pro or Cooper Infinite Executive Keyboard that may fit your device. However, having a custom-made case can be more suitable if you are looking for additional customization options. We've produced hundreds of cases for various corporate clients. The end result was not only an excellent product, but also a very happy customer.

    Please check some pictures of our Cooper Bounce Strap adapted for a Samsung Galaxy Tablet here.


    Create Your Own Design

    Using one of the "stock cases" to adapt to your tablet model is easier than designing a case from scratch, however, we also offer you this option. If you have a design that you would like to bring to life, then we can make it happen. Our manufacturing facilities are well-prepared to take custom projects and our staff is always ready to help you.

    We work with different materials like Leather, Faux Leather, EVA, Silicone and TPU. Understanding each material can help determine which is best for your needs and purpose. Here are a few examples;

    • EVA and Silicone are easier to wash and keep clean
    • Faux leather (PU leather) is easier to make small modifications such as cutouts
    • TPU, EVA, and Silicon are more suitable for protective cases

    You can check the full list of all materials used for our cases (that could also be used for your design) by reviewing tablet case materials


    How Can You Get Your Own Custom Case?

    Getting your own custom tablet case with us is easy. Get in touch with our team and explain what you need. Our trained staff will guide you and offer you assistance throughout the whole process. There are certain requirements that might arise depending on the project:

    • Minimum order quantity depending on the tablet case
    • Production lead time can range from 15 to 45 days depending on the complexity of the project
    • Need for sample to device model to create a mold (can be purchased on demand or provided by you to save cost)

    Please contact us, and we'll guide you through the process.


    Why Work with Tablet2Cases?

    Contact Tablet2Cases for Business Orders

    Being on the top list of tablet cases manufacturers has given us a wide perspective on the need of business and corporate clients. Having been in the business for nearly a decade, we've produced custom cases for a wide variety of tablet models such as Apple iPad, Samsung, Dell, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft, Acer and much more. Built on such experience our sales team will have the answers that you are looking for.

    Competent client support is our primary goal that over the years turned into our strength. We believe that good communication is a base for good negotiation. You can expect quality support 24/7 as we strive for excellence in everything we do for you. Please contact us about any requests you might have.

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