Are tablets made for people who hate computers?

Will tablets replace laptops & desktop PCs?

Tablets have come to our lives and are here to stay. As more manufacturers add tablet PCs to their production lines, customers already begin having a hard time choosing between Android powered tablets and iPads. BEWARE: tablet PCs are not here to replace notebooks and desktop computers, they are a mere companion device.

Some of the things users are used to doing on computers can’t be done with the same ease on a tablet. These include copying/pasting text from one email to another, editing a presentation or a spreadsheet, and shortening URLs then posting them to various social networks.

Yet tablets don’t require a high level of PC skills. Even people who are “scared” to use a PC will find tablets pretty easy to handle. The interface is self-explanatory; there are not many buttons and menus to cause confusion. Tablets are also great for kids as they’ll learn to use them in a matter of minutes.

Tablets are great for simple tasks such as reading a book, browsing through emails, playing games and spending some time on social networks. For more ambiguous tasks the PC is a better choice.

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