iPad Returns from the Army with Extreme Edge case from G-Form

  • Extreme Edge iPad case from G-Form
  • Extreme Edge iPad case from G-Form review
  • Extreme Edge iPad case from G-Form screenshot
  • iPad Extreme Edge case from G-Form

G-Form Extreme Edge case for Apple iPad is a rugged & tough case tablet protector , offering unprecedented levels of protection for the device. The new case shields the pad from drops and falls in any orientation and even from flat surface falls to the exposed touchscreen.

The Extreme Edge case is made of military grade ballistic fabric and features full RPT (G-Form’s proprietary Reactive Protection Technology) protection. The new case is 100% designed and manufactured in the United States. The Extreme Edge is designed in a way to offer users full accessibility to the pad, while protecting all four corners of the iPad.

Apart from providing the pad with extreme protection from drops and falls, the new case is also water-resistant and lightweight. The case is available in two styles – a revolutionary version with a black ballistic fabric finish on the outside and the open G-Form RPT on the inside, and in traditional version with the exposed G-Form RPT on the outside with the military grade ballistic fabric on the inside.

The case is sold for $44.95.

UPDATE: G-Form just released a video of the Extreme Edge case dropped from 1300ft. Guess what happened to the iPad? ....IT SURVIVED!

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