iPad gets Eaten by Giant Padzilla Case from Crunchy Logistics

  • Crunchy Logistics Padzilla case for iPad
  • Crunchy Logistics Padzilla case for iPad review
  • Crunchy Logistics Padzilla case for iPad screenshot

Crunchy Logistics has just came up with an unusual tablet protector , which shifts perceptions of what a tablet case can look like. Padzilla is a unique 70-inch interactive case designed to work with Apple iPad , iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s one of the largest Apple accessories ever produced.

The case interacts with the pad, essentially becoming a magnified version of the device. The tablet case is a multi-touch screen, offering all your favorite iPad media and entertainment on a giant screen. The case is a plug-and-play accessory, which means no additional hassle with installation.

The giant case can be placed horizontally or vertically via a special mounting system. Due to unprecedented high price of the case, the manufacturer plans to rent out the case to all those, who are interested.

The case will be sold for a price between $30,000 and $40,000 including an iPad.

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