Bella Slims the iPad 2 Down With Veneta Leather Sleeve

  • Bella Veneta Slimmer for iPad 2
  • Bella Veneta Slimmer for iPad 2 review
  • Bella Veneta Slimmer for iPad 2 screenshot
  • iPad 2 Bella Veneta Slimmer
  • iPad 2 Bella Veneta Slimmer review

Bella launched a new tablet sleeve - Veneta Slimmer for iPad 2. This leather tablet case will appeal to everyone looking to combine sleek looks with excellent protection. The new case is extremely lightweight, yet will guard your precious device from minor bumps and shocks.

The best feature of Veneta Slimmer is its built-in sleep function: the case will turn the iPad 2 off once you put the device inside. The ultra-soft interior suede material guarantees to keep unwanted scratches away from the tablet’s screen. The case fits the device perfectly making sure the device won’t escape the sleeve accidentally.

The high-quality craftsmanship of the case can be seen in every detail – from premium leather material to fine stitching. The new case is a perfect solution for stylish iPad 2 owners looking for the slimmest protection possible. The case comes in black, red or brown colors.

The case can be yours for $80.

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