Tablets Grow Their Own Skin With Neo Sleeve From Skooba Design

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Skooba Design Skin Neo is a highly functional tablet sleeve for Apple iPad , which has many faces. The new case can fit any tablet or a small netbook. Just one flip of the side flaps and the sleeve instantly receives comfy handles . This patented design allows tablet owners to use this case whichever way they prefer.

The water-resistant neoprene skin will not only securely hug the device, but will also cushion and protect it from unwanted impacts. The case is complete with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, which comes with its own comfy pad and high-quality metal swivel clips turning the case into a tablet bag . The D-rings of the shoulder strap can be removed when not in use.

The interior material of the case is a stretchable, breathable scratch-proof jersey allowing easy access to the tablet. The highly durable pull tab on the bottom of the Skin Neo offers extremely easy way to slide the device in and out of the case. The case also features a front pocket for small accessories.

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