Amazon Sets the New Kindle on Fire With Zip Sleeve

  • Amazon Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve
  • Amazon Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve review
  • Amazon Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve screenshot
  • Zip Sleeve for Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Zip Sleeve for Amazon Kindle Fire review

Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve from Amazon is a great looking tablet cover. The durable nylon material of the new tablet sleeve will keep dirt, water and dust away from the e-reader as well as protect it from accidental bumps and bruises. The insides of the case are soft enough to keep the screen of the tablet free of scratches.

The new zippered tablet case comes with high quality zippered closure, which securely shuts the case and keeps the tablet inside at all times. The design of the case is complemented with a leather strip featuring a subtle Kindle logo providing simple, yet stylish looks.

The Zip Sleeve is both slim and lightweight allowing for it to be neatly tucked away in any bag or backpack. The new tablet sleeve is the perfect companion for Amazon Kindle Fire on-the-go combining stylish looks with great protection.

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