Jungle Beasts Learn ABC With A Bathing Ape Jacquard Camo iPad Case

  • A Bathing Ape Jacquard ABC Camo iPad Case
  • A Bathing Ape Jacquard ABC Camo iPad Case review

A Bathing Ape introduced Jacquard ABC Camo iPad Case – a tablet sleeve from renowned Japanese clothes and accessories designer. The new case wears the designer’s signature camouflage pattern with a muted brown color. The case will provide some protection to the Apple iPad , but it’s more of a fashion statement than true protection.

A large gold-colored badge on the subtle muted pattern of the case is suspicious to say the least. However, overall minimalist design of ABC Camo reminds us of simpler times, when iPad sleeves on the market differentiated only by color.

The case is made of 100% nylon material, which keep the unwanted elements outside the case and keep the pad’s screen scratch free at the same time.

The price for this item is £130.

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