Tablet Insight: A Case A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Tablet Insight: Doctors, Yoga instructors & Health students use tablet cases

More and more, people are using their tablets to help keep healthy and learn more about everything from nutrition to brain surgery. This week’s Tablet2Cases offers insight into how tablets are integrated into healthy living and what cases can help in improving health-related activities.

One area that has seen a boom in the uses of tablets is within hospitals. Health professionals are now finding that iPads are an easy and efficient way to not only keep track of patient information but also in showing and presenting that info. Nowadays it is not uncommon to see a patient flipping through their x-rays and charts while the doctor (dentist or nurse) holds the tablet. Portability and adaptability of tablets allows people to not only hear about their prognosis, but also see it.

Griffin Airstrap for iPad2At Tablets2Cases we found that tablet cases with straps are the most useful covers for this situation, highlighted by the Griffin Airstrap (buy it now for $21). Of course you don’t have to be a medical doctor to use one of these—the ease of showing, displaying and presenting info is one of the Airstrap’s best qualities.

Those who are taking care of their family at home might be interested in Gray’s Anatomy for Students app or Carter’s Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine. These easy-to-follow visual encyclopedias will help you make a bedside diagnosis if you have a coughing, sneezing kid or spouse. Make sure to bring with you a good tablet stand so you can easily use the iPad while taking care of your "patient".

While there is a lot to be said about doctors curing and helping patients, there is an equal amount of preventive medicine that contributes to healthy living. Yoga is one growing areas of exercise that many people swear by. For those of you who do yoga at home with an app-instructor, you probably already know that it is a difficult to keep one hand on the iPad while maintaining your correct posture at the same time. The Joby GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad 2 (buy it now for $39.15) Joby Gorilla Mobile for iPad2is designed especially for those stretching positions that require a twisted body.

And let’s not forget that healthy living often starts with getting your five fruits and veg everyday. Tablets have now even found their way into the garden with a number of apps that help you learn how to plant, grow and cultivate your green space (see last week’s Kitchen article for getting your crop onto the plate with the help of your iPad). Even if you are a new or experienced gardener, these apps have something to teach you—just don’t be caught in the dirt with an unprotected tablet! In these situations, make sure you find a case that can give you protection from water, dirt, dust and sharp tools. We recommend the rubberized silicon tablet skins backing like the LUXA2 or the Capdase Soft Jacket (buy it now for $29.99) with a protective front cover.

Tablet Insight is a weekly column by Thomas Andersen that focuses on the innovative tablet uses and considers what is the most compatible and necessary tablet case.
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