Capdase Plays for Keeps With Gento iPad Sleeve

  • Capdse iPad Gento mKeeper Sleeve
  • Capdase iPad Gento mKeeper Sleeve review
  • Capdase iPad Gento mKeeper Sleeve screenshot
  • Capdase Gento mKeeper Sleeve for iPad
  • Capdase Gento mKeeper Sleeve for iPad review

Tablet2Cases is proud to announce that Capdase iPad Gento mKeeper Sleeve is now available for purchase. The new tablet sleeve combines great protection with stylish looks and improved functionality. The padded memory foam will ensure the device is protected from bumps and bruises.

The soft interior of the sleeve will keep the Apple iPad screen scratch and smudge free. The high quality zippered closure will ensure the device stays inside the case at all times, however, it’s hard to imagine why it would ever want to leave such a comfortable home.

The case was designed with iPad in mind, yet it will fit a selection of other tablets as well. Apple iPad 2 , Motorola Xoom , Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other technological achievements are welcome to set up their camp inside the Gento mKeeper. The new case comes in black, white and grey colors.

Tablet2Cases recommends to buy it now for $39.95. Together with $7 worldwide delivery the case will cost only $46.95.

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