Barnes & Noble Upsets Rivals With Cheap $79 Nook for Black Friday

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch will cost $20 less on Black Friday

Barnes & Noble decided to mark this year’s Black Friday with the launch of a limited edition of their Nook Simple Touch e-reader. On November 25 expect a Nook with a cool looking white line circling the borders of the device.

The main new for 2011 Black Friday is not the aesthetic variations in the new Nook Simple Touch, but it’s price. Barnes & Noble are so generous that they went as far as reducing the price of an already low-cost e-reader by another $20. Priced at $79 for the Black Friday, the Nook Simple Touch now costs just as much as the Amazon Kindle 4 with ad support and without the touchscreen.

Naturally the unique $79 price will only last one day, all the way through Black Friday, November 25. Hurry up to grab an unbelievably cheap, yet feature packed device from Barnes & Noble.

Black Friday NOOK® Deal - Only $79. Only Friday available at local B&N Store!
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