Drastic Price Reduction of PlayBook Expected

BlackBerry PlayBook to undergo a drastic price cut

Global mobile communications leader Research in Motion (RIM) is sitting on a heap of unsold tablet inventory, which has cost them $485 million in sales. Best known for revolutionizing the mobile industry in 1999 with the BlackBerry, RIM has been slow in penetrating the dynamic tablet market.

Their current $500 PlayBook is piling up in stockrooms and RIM is considering a drastic price reduction—to $199 some say—in order to move the product.

This could shake up the low-cost tablet market, which is currently dominated by the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire and the $249 Barnes & Noble Nook . However, both of these tablets rely on their company’s rich media content as a selling point. Will RIM be able to match that with the PlayBook?

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