Presidential iPad Protected by Dodocase Classic Book Case

  • Obama protects his iPad with Dodocase Classic Book Case

Dodocase has just reached never-before-seen heights. Guess who chose the Classic Book Case from Dodocase to cover up his precious iPad 2? That’s right, Barack Obama himself! A recent photo taken on Thanksgiving depicts the president at his Oval Office desk, making an important phone call.

Right next to the commander-in-chief is an object that looks like a book, yet according to Political Wire it is in fact an Apple iPad hidden inside a Dodocase Classic Book Case. Simply by having the case on his desk the president did a great job to promote the company and its “mission to protect the art of book binding from extinction.”

Back in 2010 Obama told the media that he considers electronic devices including iPad a distraction, rather than a tool of empowerment. Later, his attitude changed and already in March 2011 the president revealed that he owned an iPad. It seems his tablet found a pretty good home inside the Dodocase Classic Book.

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