Looking Back at 2011 for 2012 Predictions

Tablets in 2012

Microsoft has reorganized its phone division in order to keep up with the growth of Android-based smartphones and Apple’s iPhone. This means that Microsoft may buy Nokia in order to keep in the game with the Windows Phone.

Plus, Microsoft will start using ARM-chips to broaden their footprint in the tablet world, including a new Windows 8 designed for tablets.

In a move to a post-PC world, Intel’s grip on PC processors has lost out to ARM who, rather than manufacture the chips, license their flexible design at a low cost.

Research in Motion (RIM) still remains defiant in the face of the phenomenal BlackBerry PlayBook failure, saying, “Just you wait” to all the skeptics. In 2012, new PlayBook software and Blackberry 10 are expected.

More mobile technology, more cloud computing and more social networks are changing the name of the game for these once mighty tech companies.

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