Gucci Involves the iPad 2 in a Major Designer Cover Up Case

  • Gucci iPad 2 Cover
  • Gucci iPad 2 Cover screenshot
  • iPad 2 Cover from Gucci

Gucci iPad 2 Cover is a tablet designer case made entirely of silicone. The new tablet protector securely fits the device and guards it from minor bumps and bruises covering the back side and all corners. The iPad 2 case naturally comes with designer monogram logo stamped all over it.

The logo stamps actually increase the easy of grip ensuring the Apple iPad 2 stays in your hands at all times. All ports and buttons of the tablet are open to access with the new case on the device. The case is available in green, black or red colors.

Although the new Apple iPad 2 case is not too eye-catching, it does come from the renowned designer house and does fulfill its purpose of protecting the tablet from everyday abuse. The tablet protector is a perfect solution for those iPad 2 owners, who are looking for a high-quality protection and are not to stingy to pay for it.

The price for this case is $160.

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