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The Original from iBallz is a unique tablet protector . The new Apple iPad case consists of four shock absorbing balls, which attach to the corners of the tablet and stay in place held by an adjustable cord. Extremely easy to attach and remove the new case boasts never-before-seen drop and impact protection, while keeping the tablet open to access.

Whichever angle you might drop the new Apple iPad 2 case it will never touch the hard floor substance and whatever other dangers might be on the floor. The new case is perfectly compatible with both Apple iPad and iPad 2 and can be used separately or combined with one of the stylish iBallz cases or tablet sleeves.

The new case also functions as a convenient tablet stand : remove one of the balls to create a perfect tilted position for typing. The device can also be hanged off any surface just like a picture frame. Apart from the iPad and iPad 2 the new case can fit a wide range of current tablets.

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