Kindle Fire Becomes an Open Book for Everyone Thanks to XHiBT Case

  • XHiBT Kindle Fire Case
  • XHiBT Kindle Fire Case screenshot
  • Kindle Fire Case from XHiBT
  • Kindle Fire Case from XHiBT review
  • Kindle Fire Case from XHiBT screenshot

XHiBT presented Kindle Fire Case – a beautiful book tablet case . The new case is a classy way to carry around and access your Amazon Kindle Fire. Its book-like design reflect centuries old book-binding traditions at the same time offering modern protection from everyday bumps and impacts.

The tablet settles in the new Amazon Kindle Fire case nicely and thanks to a very snug fit remains in place at all times. All ports and buttons of the device are open to free access with the case on the tablet. The handmade quality of the case is easily noticeable in every detail. Moleskine-like elastic strap ensures the case stays closed when not in use.

The new case doubles up as a convenient tablet stand offering perfect angles for typing and viewing multimedia. The new case is not only a feast for the eyes; it’s really comfy to hold too. Reading a book on your Kindle Fire was never so comfortable.

The case can be yours for $49.95.

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