Element5 Mini L Turns the Sun and the iPad into Best Buddies

  • Element5 Mini L for iPad
  • Element5 Mini L for iPad screenshot

The Mini L by Element5 is a unique solar powered tablet case . The new tablet bag features the revolutionary eMicro battery, which is the latest word in smartphone and tablet recharging. The BluCell solar panel utilizes the solar energy in an efficient way. The whole thing is handmade in Switzerland to ensure to highest possible quality.

The new Apple iPad case is created in a way to allow the eMicro battery to be charged as soon as the sun rays hit the bag. The energy is then transferred directly to the Apple iPad. But even if the sun is not shining, the eMicro’s capacity is enough to add extra five hours of operational time to your tablet.

The efficient battery can juice up the tablet to 50% in just under three hours. The eMicro doesn’t stop filling up even when it’s charging the devices inside the bag. The new tablet case comes with a comfortable shoulder strap to offer an additional way to carry it around.

The case can be yours for CHF 349.

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